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European Doberman

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Get to Know Crown & Rosé


Crown is a handsome and confident male European Doberman with a strong and assertive personality. He exudes an air of authority and is always alert to his surroundings, making him an excellent guard dog. Crown is highly intelligent and always eager to learn new things, which makes him an excellent candidate for advanced training and dog sports.

Crown is also fiercely loyal to his family and will go to great lengths to protect them. He has a strong protective instinct and will not hesitate to defend his loved ones against any perceived threat. However, despite his tough exterior, Crown is also a very affectionate and loving dog who craves attention and affection from his family.

While he may come across as serious and reserved at times, Crown also has a playful side and loves to engage in activities that challenge him both mentally and physically. He enjoys playing fetch, going for runs, and participating in agility courses.

In summary, Crown is a confident and intelligent European Doberman with a strong sense of loyalty and a protective instinct. He would be an excellent companion for anyone who values a dog that is both loving and vigilant.


Rosé is a beautiful and intelligent female European Doberman with a lively and affectionate personality. She is highly energetic and loves to play and run around, making her an ideal companion for active families. Rosé is also very loyal and protective of her loved ones, and she has a strong instinct to guard her home and territory.

Despite her protective nature, Rosé is also very friendly and social with people and other dogs. She is always eager to meet new friends, and her outgoing personality makes her a great companion for trips to the park or beach. Rosé is also very trainable and eager to please, making her an excellent candidate for obedience training and other types of dog sports.

In summary, Rosé is a lovable and spirited European Doberman with a strong sense of loyalty and a zest for life. She would make a wonderful addition to any family that enjoys an active lifestyle and wants a loyal and affectionate companion by their side.Hea

Altobello Blood 🩸 Line


Crown is an Import from Europe. He has been all over America breeding and competing in Doberman shows and competitions. Crown is European with all his test done and up to date on all of his shots. He is AKC’ed. He is 6 years Old from Europe. Crown is a show dog. He Fathered hundreds of litters. He is our Stud. With Championship Blood 🩸 Line. He is an indoor dog. Very Clean good with other animals. Sweet boy anyone can pet him. He is very smart. He has been everywhere in stores, small space with strangers and just an all-around perfect Dog. He is protective but easy to train and command. He was trained when he was younger in California.


Rosé 🥀 is a 3-year-old 3/4 European 1/4 American Doberman. She has had all of her test including up to date on her shots. This is the first litter of Puppies. She is very sweet to other animals. She is very protective but easy to command. Rosé came out of the State Oregon, and she was trained in Seattle Washington. She is AKC’ed She is an indoor female Doberman Pinscher. She loves love and being outdoors on hicks and working the farm animals. She comes from Championship Blood 🩸 Line. Our girl works the Terry Farm. She is around cats' other dogs Horses Cows Chickens and people all the time. She loves working and going into hardware stores. Super calm

They both have gone through many health screening. We have all the documentation of perfect health. We are taking deposits so everyone that wants one will get one. I only have around 12 puppies for sale we are keeping the parents. The Male was a import from Siberia I believe. The female is out of Oregon State. Temperament is perfect friendly but will notice if you need help and will defend to the death.

PRICE $1500 -$5000

price depends upon the package you select.

Any questions please give us a call

A percentage of all proceeds will be donated to a mental health clinic.

breeding rights 1,000

*A Contract must be signed before the release of the puppy*

Package 1:

Puppy comes with A. Vet checkups with up-to-date shots.

B. Tail Docked C. Dewclaws Removed D. Pedigree E. Clean and Clear Health records of the parents


Package 2:

Puppy comes with

A. Vet check up with shots.

B. Tail Docked

C. Dewclaws Removed

D. Pedigree

E. Clean Health Records of the parents.

F. Ears Cropped

G. Micro Chipped


Package 3

Puppy comes with

A. Vet check up with shots.

B. Tail Docked

C. Dewclaws Removed

D. Pedigree

E. Clean Health Records of the parents.

F. Clean Health Record of the Puppy.

G. Ears Cropped

H. Micro Chipped

I. 24 hour vet access over the phone or in person.

J. House Trained

K. You get a personal trainer in person or over the phone 📞.


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Ashley Terry


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